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Laminar Stream of Detergents for Subcellular Neurite Damage in a Microfluidic Device: A Simple Tool for the Study of Neuroregeneration
C.Y. Lee, E.V. Romanova, J.V. Sweedler, J. Neural Eng. 10, 2013, 036020.

About the cover: The microfluidic device desribed in this article and used for individual neuronal cell culture is featured. (A) (top) Schematic of the device, which consists of a main channel for cell culture, side channels for media perfusion, and ports for fluidic connection; port 1 is an outlet during transection, ports 2 and 3 are for local delivery of SDS during transection, and 4 and 5 for media perfusion. (bottom) A cross-section of the selected region (green box) from the top image. (B) Bag cell neuron from Aplysia californica in the device (top) after 1 d in vitro, DIV, and (bottom) 3 DIV.