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Biological Projects
Songbird Neuroproteomics (Clayton)
Changes in Protein Expression During Morphine Addiction (Devi)
•Timing Signals in the Brain (Gillette)
Stress, Drug and Neurochemical Modulation of Memory (Gold)
Biomarkers of Addiction-Related Behaviors in Rodent Models (Gulley)
•Identified Neurons and Synaptic Processes (Moroz)
Proteomic Analysis of Sociality (Robinson)
•Genetic Differences in Neuroproteomic Respones to Cocaine (Rhodes)
Neuroproteomics of Complex Behaviors (Weiss)



The Neuroproteomics and Neurometabolomics Center


Cell-Cell Signaling


at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Funded by


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Grant No. P30 DA 018310


The Center provides proteomics and bioinformatics technologies to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and the midwestern neuroscience community, while simultaneously advancing state-of-the-art proteomics technologies to new levels of performance, especially for the study of addiction mechanisms in the central nervous system. Specifically, the Center is built around the overarching theme of cell to cell signaling, integrating research groups with expertise in the fields of analytical chemistry and bioinformatics with those in biological and behavioral neuroscience in a unified, directed approach to discovery of the intricacies of intercellular signaling.

The Center is divided into three scientific core groups, the Sampling & Separation Core, the Molecular Profiling & Characterization Core, and the Bioinformatics & Systems Biology Core, plus a fourth, Administrative Core. The biological user base includes laboratories from the University of Illinois, as well as several from collaborating institutions including, among others, University of Florida and Mount Sinai School of Medicine.